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Paper that AR Impex deals with:

Paper is biodegradable, at least in most cases, and simply needs the initiative to convert itself into something productive again. Paper is one of the most notable consumer goods and inevitably generates a significant amount of waste in the form of scraps. AR Impex has been a leading scrap exporters for decades now and  employs best-in-class infrastructure and dedicated strategies which ensures excellence in the export of paper.
The main objective of AR Impex is to reach out to organizations and establishments that can churn the scrap into something productive through re-cycling and re-using so that valuable resources like paper never goes to waste. At AR Impex we work with industries of all kinds and sizes and treat their requirements  with top priority as we encourage more and more organizations to partake in proper waste utilization. If you have a project in mind, we’ll deliver the goods to your door. Our wide selection of paper types includes the following.

1.OCC  2.NP-6  3.NP-8  4.NDLKC  5.NP  6.OW


TYPE OF Papers

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