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But the strangest tale regarding the Tay household members undoubtedly is actually that one

That Robert Timber, a sister away from Benjamin, Isaac, and you may William hollanti naiset treffit, stayed with this specific Mr. Tay for several years, which have zero specified spend, other than their board; he was never married, are instead unusual inside designs, and you can believed maybe not shrewd intellectually, but really is claimed having addressed so that immediately after Mr. Tay’s dying, the guy came into hands out of his a home. He submitted a statement to own properties rendered during their stick to your sufficient to shelter the worth of the area, that was granted by legal, therefore, the heirs was basically kept minus.” (Newhall’ s Article Zero. 5)

Through to this new loss of Lieutenant William Tay III within the 1829, his History Often and you will Testament is because of become executed from the their young buck William IV, the new designated best executor. Of many really-known names of Woburn’s early in the day had been establish during the its learning; Charles Thompson, Benjamin Wyman, Stephen Nichols, Jeremiah Converse, Joseph Gardener, and you will Archelaus Tay.

A very short term part available at new Woburn Societal Collection checks out, “He was on the Vanguard War (William III), his son William (IV), lived regional merely where in actuality the old roadway showed up (Northern Maple Street)

The fresh new directory of William’s personal home is thorough. He’d collected many money within his lifestyle, partly attributed to the money produced by their high ranch and you can effective tavern providers. In total, their probate facts reveal that he possessed 269 miles from house and several personal home possessions. (Probate 22165)

As the Tay Tavern in itself are never ever mentioned by-name, the newest inventory really does show an unusually large number from chair (20) and you will tables (8), that’s not typical to own a small home-based family of this go out.

Joily and you will a town selectman, are appointed of the courts since new executor of one’s late William III’ s will. A different inventory of the deceased’ s property is actually purchased by the this new Respectable Samuel Fay, Esq., Court out of Probate within the Middlesex State, Cambridge. Josiah Tay, Charles Carter and you will Ezra Kendall have the effect of work of carrying it out. How it happened?

During the a page old June twenty seven, 1828, i know just what took place. A great petition closed by 17 community users are submitted to Woburn’s selectmen plus it says; “I the newest customers certify one within their view, William Tay of told you area, does by the a lot of taking, so spend, spend and you can avoid their estate, while the and thus to reveal himself and you will loved ones to want and suffering points, and we also consider a protector must appointed to said Tay.”

Within the uel Fay, Esq., Court regarding Probate into the Cambridge because of the area selectmen. Involved, they claims one to William “endangers and you will reveals the metropolis regarding Woburn so you can a fee or debts to have their in addition to their fix and you can support.” They consult the courtroom appoints a guardian having him quickly.

On the August twenty-eight, 1828, the courtroom appointed Jo and his awesome estate. Over time, bills against the Tay House got built-up and you will must be compensated from inside the William’s passing.

Towards age legally motivated and you may licensed of the judge to sell away from several of Tay’s result in acquisition to pay for his own custody charge, which in fact had amounted in order to $step one,, and you may $31. even more to own incidental costs. Ideas reveal that William’s A home at that time try well worth $dos,. (Probate 22166)

Up coming on the IV as sole executor of his father’s have a tendency to, try submitted in Middlesex Probate Courtroom, and stated that he’s “unfit” to execute it

When you look at the December, 1832, Robert Wood’s character comes into our facts. Wood filed having damages to your Best Judicial Courtroom from inside the Concord, towards the number of $ which he claims was owed in order to your from the told you William Tay’s Estate. He demands you to court charge be included in the sum of due to the fact really. He continues on to say that William IV might be pulled to your Cambridge otherwise Concord “gail” (jail) and stored there up to he believes to pay this new expense owed.