The Waste Management Project is a unique and 
versatile process that helps companies divert plastic
waste from landfills to recycling facilities where it can
then be reused. This turns a company’s negative
cash flow into a positive one and at the same time
is environmentally friendly.

	The following outlines the steps taken in the
Waste Management Project :
An interview will be arranged so that an evaluation can be made on the type, quantity and quality of the plastic waste being produced.

After the evaluation a feasibility study will take place to ensure that the project is cost effective. If it is worthwhile to sort and bale the plastic the next question that needs answering is does the facility have a baler? If not then can the waste itself generate enough income to fund the purchase of a baler?

The company will now decide whether they would like to save the environment and have a positive cash flow or to send the plastic to a landfill.

If the environmentally friendly project is chosen then assistance will be given to set up the project to take all plastic waste from the facility and compensate accordingly.














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